Axo Light
Kwic Collection

A characteristic feature of the Axolight Kwic lights are flat
metal discs with decentralized, hemispherical glass diffusers.

Kwic is an Axolight luminaire series, which is characterized by a flat metal disc equipped with a decentralized, semi-spherical glass diffuser. Kwic harmonises with many furnishing styles - depending on the design of the room, it fits discreetly into the room or is an interesting eye-catcher.

In the case of the Kwic floor lamp, the disc with the diffuser is attached to a filigree rod that ends in a robust metal base. The Axo Light Kwic 36PT provides the room with intense ambient lighting, which is why it can be used in all living rooms.

Kwic PL36 or Kwic PL48 are ceiling lights of different sizes that can optionally be installed as wall lights. They give their surroundings intense room light and are the ideal lighting solution for entry halls and corridors.

The discs' direction of the Kwic SP36 or Kwic SP48 pendant lights can be modified by playing with the length of the suspension ropes.