Axo Light
Jewel Collection

Axo Light Jewel are delicate
pendant lights for focussed LED light.

The suspension Jewel provides downwards directed LED light. The small conical reflector is connected with the suspension by an extraordinary structure. Two slender stems which cross upwards merge with the thin cables. The shade is held downwards in the manner of a diamond setting. Because of its soft curves, the whole light fixture is also reminiscent of a twig, or a magic wand, giving a natural and organic touch to the design.

The two-wire suspension extends the extraordinary structure and gives its character to the uncommon suspension which, despite a compact shade, makes a big impression when placed above tables, counters and elsewhere.

The suspension Jewel's reflector is made of aluminum, the crossed structure consists of ABS made of recycled materials.

When used alone, Axo Light Jewels serves as a light source for small and slender tables, and when arranged in rows or clusters it can also be placed above kitchen counters or working surfaces. Visually light and airy, it is characterised by clear, harmoniously proportioned lines and a well thought-through construction. Jewel really deserves its name and decorates classical interiors.