Axo Light
Fedora Collection

Dima Loginoff

The Fedora lights by Axolight are inspired by Russian
Matrjoshka dolls and shine with their metal and cut glass surface.

The Russian designer Dima Loginoff was inspired by the well-known matryoshka dolls for the minimalist yet elegant Axolight Fedora lights. The simple, round shape of the Fedora pendant light is highly recognizable and creates a cozy atmosphere with a nostalgic touch.

The Fedora collection includes a single pendant lamp, but also multi-lamp pendant lamps that are arranged as clusters or rows. The Fedora FA recessed ceiling light made of multi-faceted cut glass for an installation at shallow depth sets sparkling and decorative accents in the room.

The light body of the Fedora suspension consists of two elements: The larger, upper part is made of aluminum and is available in shiny, noble metallic surfaces. The lower part is the lampshade and consists of transparent glass that has been artistically cut and provides a magical sparkle. A simple, round ceiling canopy made of white lacquered metal ensures that the elegant lamp head is the focus of the design and fits discreetly into the architecture of the room.

Important note: Please note that Fedora may only be equipped with LED lamps.