Axo Light
Cut Collection

An eye-catcher in every position: The Cut lights by Axolight
can be placed in up to 3 positions and always shine without glare.

Cut by Axo Light is a light series which is moveable in a choice of three stable positions. The refined, yet extraordinary design developped by Timo Ripatti in collaboration with Axo Light is composed of two each other facing main elements, inter-connected by a laser-cut aluminium structure. The smallest element conceals the LED light behind a semi-transparent diffuser, while the second element - a round plate serving as a diffuser - partly reflects the light and is partly translucent. The ingenious thing about the Cut light's concept: because both elements are facing each other, the light does not glare.

Cut by Axo Light is the icing on the cake in every modern interior and exudes an industrial note.