Axo Light
Clavius Collection

Manuel Vivian

Manuel Vivian designed the timeless Clavius ​​lights for
Axolight. Their main features are straight shades covered with silk threads.

Clavius, designed by Manuel Vivian, is one of the most durable collections by Axolight, where elegance meets real craftsmanship. Clavius lights are characterized by their straight lines and their rectangular or square shades covered with silk threads, which result from precise handcraft production and convince with a classic, timeless character.

Clavius lights give the room a special touch in every version. The Clavius table LT table lamps and the Clavius PT floor lamp have a simple or U-shaped metal base in addition to the metal structures covered with silk threads. The Clavius SP pendant lights are ideally suited for table lighting thanks to their completely glare-free light. They come with different sizes for the square or rectangular shades and thus fit into many contexts. The shades are available in restrained, harmonious colors and the silk threads create an elegant shimmering surface with attractive light and dark effects.

Clavius by Axolight offers an exclusive lighting source for every requirement with an emotional character and timeless functionality, whereby its glare-free and uniform light always creates an atmospheric room ambience.