Axo Light
Aura Collection

Manuel Vivian

The opulent chandeliers of the Aura collection by Axolight consist of
numerous hand-turned glass pendants that produce sparkling plays of light.

Aura by Axolight are very special design objects that enhance the living or business area with their sparkling presence. The light fixtures are one of the Axolight classics and were designed the Italian glass artist Manuel Vivian. The collection mainly consists of opulent pendant and ceiling lights and has now been complemented by a wall light.

The appearance of Aura is dominated by numerous hand-turned glass pendulums. They come in different sizes and form a harmonious, spherical overall picture. The light is reflected by the glass pendulums and creates a magical, sparkling interplay. The Aura ceiling lights have a simple, square ceiling canopy made of polished steel. With the Aura pendant the glass pendulums are attached to the ceiling canopy with transparent cords, which gives the shade a floating character. The glass pendulums are available in the expressive colors white, red, tea-colored or crystal clear with relief strips.

The Aura SP 45/2 pendant light and the Aura SP 60/2 ceiling light each with two vertically positioned shades are a breathtaking eye-catcher in rooms with high ceilings. The large version of the cascaded Aura Gr ceiling light with an impressive height of 65 cm also requires large rooms with high ceilings.