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Arturo Alvarez with headquarters in the north of Spain was founded in 1994 with the aim to research on, develop and create designs that meet the needs of the contemporary individuals. The company is named after its founder who occupies the leading position of creative director. The design luminaires by Arturo Alvarez are exclusively manufactured in Spain by skilled employees. They wear the engraved signature of Arturo Alvarez on their metallic bases as a guaranty of origin. The raw materials they are made from come from European countries such as Finland, Germany, Spain, Italy and Autria. A special kind of high quality glass pieces required for the Tiffany lighting technique are imported from the US. The aim of Arturo Alvarez is to give lighting an emotional quality with innovative lamps.

The brand enjoys a high level of recognition and some of the Arturo Alvarez' products have already been awarded major design prizes. In 2008, the floor lamp Gea was awarded the Good Design prize by The Chicago Athenaeum. To make this lamp, Arturo Alvarez developed a special material composed of a mix of metallic mesh and silicone from which he manufactured a removable and washable cover through which light shines with warmth and softness. Suspension Fluo that received the Good Design prize in 2009 is another creation by Arturo Alvarez. The steel mesh that clothes the bulb looks as light and ethereal as a dancer's tutu. Besides, when ordering five or more, clients can get them in any RAL colour they want. In 2010, the wall lamp Guau was awarded the famous reddot design award. The principle of this design by Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo is the interaction of two metallic circles joined together by a knuckle joint that allows for rotations and up and downs to create a variety of charming atmospheres. All lights by Arturo Alvarez are endowed with a strong personality and show distinctive designs to meet the most various needs of the clients. To begin with, because the materials they are made from are extremely diverse, they make possible to create contrasted designs. Floor lamp Bety made of polypropylene strips that remind of feathers as worn by women in the Twenties cannot deny its feminity.

For those who prefer straight lines Arturo Alvarez reinterpreted the Tiffany lighting technique in a contemporary way with the collections Sombra, Kono, Senda, Sofi, Encaixe or Doscubos, a series of very popular cubic lamps. Gluc is an impressive collection using the Tiffany technique that gathers floor, ceiling and wall lamps with shapes and colours inspired by the exhuberant Seventies. These joyful lamps are an eyecatcher in private homes or exclusive public places. We should not forget to evoke the Vento collection and its sinusoidal lights that are made from coloured glass stripes glued together. They give shape to a shiny wave available in an array of contrasted colours and combinations. To conclude, please note that the Arturo Alvarez products that are available in a large choice of colours or versions can also be specially adapted and developed to give every project a unique and personal touch.

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