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Artemide designer lights are synonymous for high-quality, award winning, italian design. Since its foundation in1960, this Milan based company has been among the most creative lighting companies and has introduced one design classic after another. To name just a few: Richard Sapper's Artemide Tizio (1972) was the first lamp table with a halogen light source;Michele de Lucchi's functional light Artemide Tolomeo (1987) has been one of the most commercially successful light designs in the past 50 years. In 2010, pioneers like Ross Lovegrove and Karim Rashid received the Compasso d'Oro, the equivalent of an Oscar in the design world, and thus seamlessly continued the long list of Compasso d'Oro recipients working for Artemide. Artemide was selected best design brand in Germany in the category Home & Living in 2009. Artemide's guiding philosophy 'The Human Light' focusses on the well-being of individuals. Artemide's light-fixtures with their original designs and innovative technology have always been trend-setting. 'The Human Light' takes into account respect for both human beings and the environment. Lights by Artemide are adapted to personal requirements and provide optimal lighting conditions, turning light into a means to improve our quality of life. Artemide is also committed to using as few environmental resources as possible and to manufacturing durable products that have little impact on the environment. 'The Human Light' is not only a philosophical standpoint, but also a concept that finds its direct expression in production. The light series METAMORFOSI produces diverse light ambiences with coloured-light effects.The MY WHITE LIGHT LUXERION series disseminates efficient light while purifying the air.


A tribute to light - the motto of the newest advertising campaigns of the innovative Milanese light manufacturer - to quote Ernesto Gismondi, this means "a deeply future-oriented homage to light". When he selected the lights for Artemide, the founder of the company aimed at "transmitting the Artemide vision drawing strength from the past and oriented toward the future". The famous photographer Eliott Erwitt was chosen to illustrate the light designs by Karim Rashid, Ross Lovegrove, Michele de Lucchi, Richard Sapper and Carlotta de Bevilacqua.


Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza founded the lighting company Artemide in Milan in 1960. A dialog with leading architects and designers, who were responsible for the first successful Artemide collections, led to a specific, unmistakable Artemide style that combines high functionality and product quality with the most demanding design requirements. The on-going development process led to the acquisition of the company Megalit, a reputable manufacturer of technical lighting in 1966. The purchase of the LED-specialist Nord Light followed in 2008 and emphasized the increasing importance of innovative light sources and future-oriented control-techniques.


The legendary table light TIZIO by Richard Sapper symbolising modern light design initiated a series of successful products that have often been awarded prizes and exhibited in museums worldwide. One of the most successful decorative products is the light MERCURY by Ross Lovegrove that caused a sensation when it was launched in 2007. Artemide lights are not just light sources, bus also objects that stand in emotional relationship with their surroundings due to their exclusive forms and lighting mode. The company understands light as a source of well-being. Technique is also used to serve this philosophy. Consequently, the lighting systems for offices can be combined an equipped with diverse lighting effects to provide various light ambiences and lighting performances and optimally adapt to any given room situation.


The designers in the Artemide research and innovation centre are constantly searching for novel light sources and materials. Each new development is based on human needs. This philosophy - The Human Light - expresses the knowledge that different colours variously affect human comfort, as demonstrated by the METAMORFOSI lights. They are equipped with coloured light sources and create various lighting atmospheres. The collection MY WHITE LIGHT gives off white light in its full spectrum, like natural daylight, and thus adapts to the user's needs. When Artemide developped LUXERION, it was looking for lights able to offer the usual light comfort while purifying the air. A built-in filter frees the air from odours, toxins, pollens and dust, contributes to a greater comfort and alleviates allergies. Artemide advanced from 'The Human Light' to 'The Responsible Light' even before the manufacturing of durable products, energy-efficient light sources and resources-saving materials were widely discussed topics. Artemide has also undergone significant environmently-friendly changes.

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