Artemide Tolomeo

Giancarlo Fassina, Michele de Lucchi

This classic design lamp by Michele de Lucchi scores with
adjustable arms and efficient light suitable for any situation.

The *Artemide Tolomeo was launched in 1987 as the very first light in the Tolomeo series during the Euroluce, the International Lighting Exhibition that takes place in Italy. The original table lamp by Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassini also known as Tolomeo light fixture developed into the now world famous large family. Tolomeo Artemide became a global brand and its designers became stars of design.

The Tolomeo was first designed as a functional Artemide task light and is today wrongly called Tolomeo desk light. Since 1987, the light family counts additional light fixtures. Every lamp has a functional swiveling arm from metal and the distinctively shaped shade from aluminium or in the Basculante version from parchment paper or silk satin. Beside the classic version from aluminium, the lamp is also available in white, black or lacquered in colour.

Since 1987, the designers have developed a wide range of iconic and is nowadays available in many versions and sizes: The smallest one is the light Tolomeo Micro. The following sizes are Tolomeo Midi, Mini and of course Tolomeo Tavolo. The floor lamp Mega Terra with a maximum height of 3,34 meters is true to its name and builds a dramatic contrast with the Micro. The floor lamp Lettura is the middle-sized version and, at the same time, the classic light suitable for a first rate reading light next to a couch. The steadily growing Artemide portfolio is completed with the wall lamp, Tolomeo Sospensione suspension and ceiling lamp and with the Tolomeo Pinza clamp lamp.

It was designed in 1987, was awarded the Compasso d'Oro - the equivalent of the Italian Oscar for contemporary design ** in 1989**-, today the family has achieved cult status. The classical lamp could not be more modern. It exemplifies the durable product policy of the Italian light manufacturer Artemide. The lamps or bulbs have been replaced by more efficient illuminants since a long time. Beside the series Tolomeo LED, there are also the energy-efficient versions with Energy Saver lamps, with 18W fluorescent lamps as well as the innovative LED Tunable White lamps. The motto is at any rate ecodesign or green product design which enables Artemide to unite lower energy consumption with high-quality light design also in the future.


Giancarlo Fassina
Giancarlo Fassina

For Artemide he has designed among others the Aggregato suspension and, together with Michele de Lucchi, the world famous Tolomeo collection.

Michele de Lucchi
Michele de Lucchi

By creating the Artemide Tolomeo lamp and as co-founder of the Memphis group, the designer and architect has been influential for Italian design.