Talo Collection

Neil Poulton

The Talo lights by Artemide with an elongated shape and
rounded edges are a modern object for direct and indirect lighting.

The Talo light collection by Artemide relies on a clear, reduced design, characterized by rounded shapes which perfectly adapts in modern, minimalist interiors. It was designed by the Scottish designer Neil Poulton. Talo was awarded the iF Product Design Award in 2002.

The collection comprises suspensions and wall lamps in a choice of lengths.

The light body of cast aluminium has an elongated, slender body with smoothly rounded edges. The inserted synthetic diffusers are extended along the light fixture and spread an even, broadly distributed light.

Talo illuminates upwards and downwards, providing both indirect and direct lighting. The suspension is suitable for use over a large, rectangular dining or conference table. The large, but simple wall lamps appear elegant in long corridors and resemble light wall decorations in large, public rooms. Because the casing and the wall mounting form a visual unity with fluid and smooth transitions, the Talo wall lamp blends in with a room's architecture. As a suspension, it is space-saving and seems to float in the room.