Pirce Collection

The futuristic lamps in the collection by Giuseppe
Maurizio Scutellà create beautiful light and shadow effects.

The lamps in the Pirce collection by Artemide are among the most popular design classics in the famous Italian brand's portfolio. The design by Guiseppe Maurizio Scutellà has been awared with several major design prizes.

The lampshade is instantly recognizable. It is made using a single, nearly round aluminium disc. Concentric circles are cut in the metal so that each layer remains connected to its neighbour in a single spot. Finally, like a papercutting work, this flat disc is unfolded into a delicate three-dimensional shape. Since neither the disc nor the cut circles are perfectly round, Pirce possesses a dynamic, almost organic quality.

The illuminant is located inside the lower, central bowl-shaped element, which prevents it from shining downward, directing the light upwards, where it’s reflected by the angled aluminium rings. They also throw beautiful shadows on the ceiling or the wall. The result is an indirect, atmospheric lighting.

The Pirce collection includes pendant lights, wall lights and ceiling lights in different sizes, for standard halogen lamps or with integrated LEDs.

Pirce has received the Good Design Award 2008 of the Chicago Atheneum, the Red Dot Design Award 2009 and the iF Product Design Award 2010.

Please note that 5-wire cabling is required to dim the Pirce LED lamps. An exception are the versions for trailing edge dimmers, which only require 3-wire cabling.