NH Collection

Neri & Hu

The distinctive feature of the Artemide NH collection by Neri &
Hu is the glass ball strung on a brass ring, on which it can move.

The first light in the Artemide NH collection by the Chinese Neri & Hu design studio was the NH217 multifunctional light which can be transformed into a table lamp, a suspension or a wall lamp. This is made possible by the refined brass ring, on which the spherical glass diffuser is strung. The diffuser can also move along the brass rings and have diverse positions. The ring is a support to place the light on a table or a mounting bracket to hang it, turning NH1217 into a wall lamp or a suspension.

This wonderful mobility paired with the mat glass ball's refined aesthetics and the brass structure is what is so special about the NH collection which now features a wide range of versions. There are, above all, various suspensions with one or more diffusers and extravagant suspension systems of black lacquered metal. The diffuser balls are available in three dimensions, making diverse uses possible. The collection also includes a wall lamp and a floor lamp.

The large NH S3 suspensions with two or three arms, the NH S4 Circulaire suspension and the NH S5 Elliptic suspension are also impressive, because instead of the common straight rods, they have a round or oval structure and several lighting balls. The long, black electric cables are always visible and are a remarkable feature of the NH suspensions instead of a disturbing one.

The NH lights create a stylish atmosphere in hotel lobbies, restaurants and cafes and are an impressive eye-catcher, combining precious elegance and a versatile nonchalance.