Meteorite Collection

The Artemide Meteorite lights' glass diffusers enchant
with a faceted surface resembling the moon and the meteorites.

The Meteorite light by Artemide appeals with a unique glass diffuser which has the appearance of moon craters and the meteorites'rugged surface. The design by Pio and Tito Toso was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award in 2015.

The collection includes diverse wall and ceiling lamps, table lamps with or without stems and suspensions. The characteristic diffuser is available in three sizes: with a diameter of 15 cm, 35 cm and 48 cm.

The diffuser made of blown glass has a unique surface structure made by hand according to traditional glass making. Irregular facets are cut in the glass and resemble a meteorite's and the moon's surface. The light body is mostly satined and transparent at some spots. The overall impression is charming and organic, natural, endowed with the charm of the unfinished and random. Each meteorite is a unique piece with unique proprieties because of the individual, handmade manufacturing.

Meteorite provides a soft, diffuse light and is an fascinating, magical eye-catcher. Even when the light is off, the glass body's beautiful surface is appealing. When the light is on, it gets a mysterious touch with a wonderfully complex light, illuminating the room with a soft, diffuse light.

Because Meteorite displays a simple style, despite a sophisticated shade, the lights in the collection can be used in many ways and harmonize with nearly any style.