Ipno Collection

Michele de Lucchi

The Ipno suspensions by Artemide combine modern LED technology
with innovative and traditional materials into unique lighting objects.

The Ipno LED lights by Artemide have a modern design by Michele de Lucchi who mixes diverse materials and shapes to form elegant suspensions. They display an harmonious mixture of tradition and innovation.

The collection includes the Ipno suspension with a flat metallic shade and the Ipno Glass suspension which has a ball of blown glass instead.

Both models feature a reflector located under the metallic shade or within the glass ahade. It is made of transparent methacrylate and has a faceted, grooved surface resembling crystal and leading the glare-free light downwards.

Because they have different shades, Ipno and Ipno Glass produce different lighting effects. Ipno provides downward directed direct light and is ideally suited for illumination dining tables. Ipno Glass enables the light to pass through the transparent glass into the room, while directing some of it downwards through the satined glass shade. As a result it is glare-free and evenly distributed. Because it emits diffuse light, Ipno Glass is also suitable for general illumination.

Both lights are elegant and eye-catching, appeal with harmonious proportions and contrasting materials, colours and surfaces.

The Ipno suspensions are equipped with warm white LED lamps and are dimmable. For this purpose the four cables connection is necessary.