Cosmic Collection

Ross Lovegrove

Cosmic Leaf and Cosmic Angel by Artemide fascinate with
organically shaped diffusers of synthetics or aluminium and a magical light.

The Cosmic Leaf and Cosmic Angel light fixtures by Artemide were designed by Ross Lovegrove in 2009, and display his typical modern, organic style.

The collection includes the Cosmic Leaf floor lamp, as well as a suspension and a ceiling lamp, called Cosmic Ange.

The common distinctive feature in the light series is the shade's special shape, similar to a leaf blown by the wind. The ceiling lamp and the suspension have a horizontal shade floating in the air and illuminated from below. It reflects the light back into the room. The shade is made of aluminium and the shiny lighting elements located below it are chrome plated. Because of its shiny and mysterious light, Cosmic Angel appears futuristic and attracts attention. The Cosmic Angel floor lamp has a vertically positioned shade which is illuminated from below by a reflector lamp located in the base. Its transparent synthetic shade has a charm of its own.

Cosmic Leaf was awarded the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum in 2010.