Copernico Collection

Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Paolo Dell’Elce

The Copernico LED suspension resembles an elliptic
planetary orbit and can be moved in different positions.

The Copernico LED suspension by Artemide was designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Paolo dell'Elce according to the model of planetary orbits. It is a modern chandelier with an impressive size and a fascinatingly variable shape.

Today, beside the original model with a width of 104 cm and an elliptical shape, the Copernico collection includes the smaller Copernico 500 with a round shape and a diameter of 49 cm.

The light fixture consists of several concentric ellipses, cut out of an anodized aluminium plate using the laser technique. They can revolve full range around two separate axes. The patented joints with copper contacts provide the electric supply. The ellipses are equipped with dimmable LEDs, affording direct or indirect illumination depending on their positions around the axis. If desired, Copernico can turn into a flat plate or become a complex and dynamic, geometric object.

Nicolas Copernicus' heliocentric world view served as a source of inspiration for this unique design. For those who like natural sciences and amateur astronomers, Copernico is the ideal design statement, especially in large rooms under high ceilings where the light fixture can exhibit its magic.

Copernico was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award and praised at the Compasso d'Oro ADI in 2014.