Choose Collection

Matteo Thun

The Choose lights by Artemide have a parchment shade
coated with light synthetics and a unique appearance,

The Choose Lights, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for Artemide in 2005, are a charming fusion of old and new. Today the collection comprises a suspension, a floor lamp, a wall lamp and a table lamp, as well as Choose Mega including a floor lamp and a suspension with a larger shade.

The light shade with a classical, conical form, made of an uncommon material combination is the core of the design. A diffuser of pleated parchment paper is coated with transparent polycarbonate. Choose achieves a soft, cozy lighting effect, paired with the visual effect of traditional parchment paper, and is as robust as a synthethic shade. The shade is available in a natural colour or in white. A simple metallic structure complements the table and floor lamps' designs, while the suspensions have a discreet suspension system.

Choose and Choose Mega have differently sized shades, and floor lamps equipped with different functions. The small Choose's shade can be tilted 30 degrees to the side to direct the light precisely, while the large Mega Choose's diffuser has a fixed position but is dimmable.

The light shines upwards and downwards and spreads light to the side, creating pleasant general lighting. Thanks to its sleek, appealing design, Choose is appropriate for various applications and fits in modern and classically furnished spaces.