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Michael Topor created the Jahreszeiten collection, whose varied chandeliers have the names of the four seasons. The structure of the chandeliers consists of patinated iron and brass, the arms are equipped with screw bases for the lamps. Different sized, cut crystal glasses hang on the structure, which give the chandeliers the noble and luxurious character of the seasons.

One of the most copied designer lights in Europe is the pendant lamp Cellula - a reinterpretation of the classic chandelier. A horizontal aluminum tube with a stainless steel look carries innumerable, differently shaped prisms made of Swarovski crystals. The light from the lamps is refracted by the crystal glasses and therefore sparkles particularly beautifully. A noble eye-catcher for very special lighting moments!

The no less sparkling Rain collection has circular structures made of a polished, handcrafted stainless steel structure, on which numerous, vertically attached Swarovski crystals hang. The many crystals in their pointed shape are reminiscent of ice crystals and reflect the light in a wonderful way. The Rain collection is made up of wall, ceiling and pendant lights and sets sparkling accents with its opulent character.

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More about the brand Anthologie Quartett

In September 1983 the first collection of the "Galerie Quartett", a gallery for architecture, art and fashion from Hanover, was created. At the Cologne Furniture Fair and the Milan Furniture Fair in January 1984 and September 1984, the first designs were presented by, among others, Ettore Sottsass and Matteo Thun, which laid the foundation for the Anthologie Quartet, which was officially founded in Lower Saxony in 1987. Anthologie Quartett offers a collection of contemporary lights, furniture, fabrics and even jewelry from very different designers with sometimes conflicting design philosophies as well as a small selection of particularly relevant historical reeditions.

The company attaches great importance to the use of typical European materials and regional production in Murano, Bohemia or Limoges. Designer lights and furniture have been the focus of the collection since the 1990s. Accessories, works of art, fabrics and jewelry are still present in the product portfolio, which is why Anthologie Quartett operates under the subtitle "Objects, furniture, textiles, jewelry". The best-known model from Anthologie Quartett is one of the most copied designer lights in Europe - it is Cellula from 1997, which consists of a shiny aluminum tube on which different sized crystal prisms hang. The renaissance of chandeliers was initiated with the Anthologie Quartett Cellula, which in the 1990s, with its opulence, represented an eminent contrast to the minimalist trend of the time.

In 2003 and 2004 the collections Jahreszeiten with hand-cut crystal prisms and Rain with perfect machine-cut Swarovski stones followed. Their popularity is proof that high-quality material and outstanding design are timeless and have their place in both contemporary and classic interiors. In contrast to these crystal chandeliers are humorous lighting objects such as Bernhard Stellmacher's Coffee-Light, which consists of a wall shelf with a luminous Limoges porcelain coffee cup.