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The collection Cut was designed by Torsten Neeland in 1991 and is a true classic in the Anta range. Their straight and well-proportioned shape and the special materials - especially in the variant with a screen made of translucent bone porcelain - result in an attractive object, minimalist and cozy at the same time. Cut is available in many versions today and can even be found in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The lamps in the Afra collection impress with their original design, which is straightforward and modern, but above all pleases as a solid object with cozy, warm light.

The floor lamps Para by Rolf Heide convey classic elegance. Their peculiarity only becomes apparent at second glance: the shade contains two lamps that can be switched separately - each with its own pull switch under the shade.

The pendant lights Ny and Jose come from Jörg Zeidler, the lamp heads of which follow a modern, organic design language and in which the power cable plays a functional and decorative role at the same time: the original cable loop not only looks interesting, it also serves also the height adjustment.

The modern, minimalist lights of the BimBamBom collection by Andreas Ostwald also consciously use the power cable as a design detail.

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More about the brand Anta

Anta is a German brand for designer lights and is based near Hamburg. All lights have been manufactured there for over 45 years - quality made in Germany.

The company was founded by Gertrud Kracht, who for many years shaped the direction of the Anta brand with an eye for quality, good workmanship and aesthetics. Her two children, Ann and Kristian Kracht, practically grew up with the company - the founder even derived the company name from the name of her daughter. Today Kristian Kracht is managing director of Anta and continues his mother's visions. His special focus is on the use of new technologies, whereby the first-class light quality is always in the foreground.

Anta works as a manufacturer. Based on the designs of its designers, the lights are developed, manufactured and marketed on site. Well-known designers can be found in the program as well as newcomers from Germany and around the world.

All lights have a modern and no-frills design, implemented with high quality, always with the aim of creating a cozy and functional light, but also when switched off to be an enrichment for living rooms and representative rooms.

Technologically, Anta is always up to date. Luminaires with permanently installed LEDs, but also technologies for innovative light control via apps and smartphones have long been part of the program.

Anta lights enjoy international popularity and have already received many awards. They are located in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and have received important design awards. Anta lights are found in first-class hotels, university libraries and modern living rooms. They always impress with their timelessly elegant appearance, the processing of the finest materials and, of course, primarily appeal with soothing light.

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