Anglepoise Lights & Lamps


The lamps of the Anglepoise brand are considered icons of British design and enjoy worldwide popularity.

Anglepoise's history began in the early 1930s, when the industrial designer George Carwardine developed a task light that was flexibly adjustable and stable in any position thanks to a novel tension spring system. Carwardine had his innovative design patented. It was the very first desk light to use a tension spring system.

The portmanteau "Anglepoise" refers to the lamp's ability to keep its balance in any position.

Carwardine bought the necessary springs from the company Herbert Terry & Sons, who took a liking to the design and soon started a licensed production of the desk lights. While the first model was intended as an industrial work lamp, the first lamp for private use, Model 1227, followed soon after in 1935. Since then, the Anglepoise portfolio has been continuously growing with new designs and variations. Since every lamp stays true to the sense of aesthetics and the commitment to functionality of the original design, Anglepoise is a brand with its very own, unique character and great recognizability.

The tension spring system was so successful that is has been copied many times, and had a strong and lasting influence on the design of task lights and desk lamps as a whole.

Anglepoise is still a family business today. Since 2001, the brand has been headed by John and Simon Terry, who moved the company from Redditch to Portsmouth and turned it into a modern, internationally operating brand. Thanks to collaborations with leading contemporary British designers, such as Paul Smith, Margaret Howell and Kenneth Grange, the design portfolio of Anglepoise has gained even more iconic designs.