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Rotaliana MultiPot
Rotaliana MultiPotMSRP 167,00 €
from 119,00 €
Prepayment from 115,43 €
Rotaliana MultiPot Glam
Rotaliana MultiPot GlamMSRP 167,00 €
from 119,00 €
Prepayment from 115,43 €
Rotaliana MultiBook
Rotaliana MultiBookMSRP 188,00 €
from 129,00 €
Prepayment from 125,13 €
Rotaliana LaDiva table lamp
Rotaliana LaDiva table lampMSRP 375,00 €
from 321,00 €
Prepayment from 311,37 €
Rotaliana Drink F1 floor lamp
Rotaliana Drink F1 floor lampMSRP 413,00 €
from 372,00 €
Prepayment from 360,84 €
Rotaliana Lampion H2 multifuctional lamp with plug
Rotaliana Lampion H2 multifuctional lamp with plugMSRP 131,00 €
from 118,00 €
Prepayment from 114,46 €
Rotaliana Flow T1, T2, T3, T4 table lamp
Rotaliana Flow T1, T2, T3, T4 table lampMSRP 361,00 €
from 325,00 €
Prepayment from 315,25 €
Rotaliana Luxy T1 table lamp, white structure
Rotaliana Luxy T1 table lamp, white structureMSRP 277,00 €
from 250,00 €
Prepayment from 242,50 €
Rotaliana Ipe W4 wall lamp
Rotaliana Ipe W4 wall lampMSRP 476,00 €
from 428,00 €
Prepayment from 415,16 €
Rotaliana Honey H suspension lamp
Rotaliana Honey H suspension lampMSRP 223,00 €
from 200,00 €
Prepayment from 194,00 €
Rotaliana Flow H1, H2 suspension lamp
Rotaliana Flow H1, H2 suspension lampMSRP 345,00 €
from 311,00 €
Prepayment from 301,67 €
Rotaliana Drink H1 suspension lamp
Rotaliana Drink H1 suspension lampMSRP 205,00 €
from 184,00 €
Prepayment from 178,48 €
Rotaliana Luxy W2 wall lamp, white structure
Rotaliana Luxy W2 wall lamp, white structureMSRP 298,00 €
from 268,00 €
Prepayment from 259,96 €
Rotaliana Luxy W1 wall lamp, white structure
Rotaliana Luxy W1 wall lamp, white structureMSRP 232,00 €
from 209,00 €
Prepayment from 202,73 €
Rotaliana Drink H4 suspension lamp
Rotaliana Drink H4 suspension lampMSRP 446,00 €
from 402,00 €
Prepayment from 389,94 €
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Multifunction paired with modern design and innovative technique is one characteristic of the Rotaliana products. The Italian manufacturer meets the contemporary demand for products adapted to modern times and newest technical developments in an ingenious way. One of the most popular among the Rotaliana products is the Rotaliana MultiPot that serves not only as a light, but also holds and hides the many cables that have invaded our lives. Other examples are Rotaliana LaDiva, the table lamp that also plays music, and Rotaliana MultiBook, a table lamp with a clock function that looks like a good old book. Besides these 'hybrid' lights, premium manufacturer Rotaliana also has mono-functional design lights in its range of products. The charismatic Rotaliana Drink is a famous design that is known to anyone interested in design. Rotaliana Belvedere or Rotaliana String are characterised by pure aesthetics. 


The successful designers Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda have designed most of Rotaliana's products. Together they have developed the both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian Rotaliana MultiPot that serves both as a lighting device and elegantly conceals the cables of various other devices. Table lamp Rotaliana LaDiva gives iPhone a special place. This futuristic LED lamp produces sufficient light while playing one's favourite music from an iPod, iPhone, MP3 player or computer. The lights by Rotaliana or Donegani & Lauda are not only beautiful to look at and pleasant to listen to, they also emit a pleasant odour! The table light Rotaliana Eolo emits both coloured light and perfume. The two designers are also responsible for the elegant Rotaliana Belvedere, as well as for the charismatic appearance of the Rotaliana Flow. However, the brand's most iconic product is without a doubt the Rotaliana Drink. The half-rounded shade that looks like a cup flows into the stem to form a unique Italia design object. 


The LED is not just the lamp of the future, it is also the bulb of the present. The LED, the revolutionary light dispenser, first had technical, architectural and public fields of application. Nowadays LEDs are increasingly entering in the private sphere thanks to the Rotaliana products that guarantee energy-efficient LED light of excellent quality. The product line Rotaliana String features an ultra-flat body with a flexible arm movable in any direction coupled with an innovative LED. The LED also influences the shape of the Rotaliana LaDiva, the suspension lamp Rotaliana Furin, LedBell or of the wall or ceiling lamp Rotaliana Tick. No other light source can be applied as diversely as the LED. Who would ever think that the light in the Rotaliana Dina collection feature LEDs if one looks at the materials they are made of, their colours and the very classical lampshades they present?


The company Rotaliana from northern Italy has produced lights and luminescent fixtures since 1989. Creativity, an accute sense of innovation, and cooperation with talented designers are some of the reasons for Rotaliana's lasting success. Rotaliana is different from other manufacturers and does not offer recurring shapes, but a variety of them in a number of formal styles that wonderfully adapt to contemporary tastes and life styles. The renowned designers who work with Rotaliana are, for example, Burkhard Panteleit, who designed the series Rotaliana Bubble and Rotaliana LedBell, the Swedish artist, Camilla Diedrich, who designed the unsual shade for the Rotaliana BPL, the Italian great master, Andrea Branzi, who fathered the organically fluid design of Rotaliana Goccia and of Rotaliana Campanula, as well as the famous Japanese architect, Toyo Ito, who invented the stylised Rotaliana Cloud for the international market.

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