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Estiluz P1127 floor lamp
Estiluz P1127 floor lampMSRP 813,00 €
from 691,00 €
Prepayment from 670,27 €
Estiluz Iris T-2715 pendant lamp, large version
Estiluz Iris T-2715 pendant lamp, large versionMSRP 1.507,00 €
from 1.281,00 €
Prepayment from 1.242,57 €
Estiluz A-1136L wall lamp
Estiluz A-1136L wall lampMSRP 544,00 €
from 462,00 €
Prepayment from 448,14 €
Estiluz Luck T- 2443 pendant lamp
Estiluz Luck T- 2443 pendant lampMSRP 509,00 €
from 433,00 €
Prepayment from 420,01 €
Estiluz Pluma T-2955 pendant lamp
Estiluz Pluma T-2955 pendant lampMSRP 1.008,00 €
from 857,00 €
Prepayment from 831,29 €
Estiluz T-1158 pendant lamp
Estiluz T-1158 pendant lampMSRP 834,00 €
from 709,00 €
Prepayment from 687,73 €
Estiluz Balloon wall lamp
Estiluz Balloon wall lampMSRP 302,00 €
from 257,00 €
Prepayment from 249,29 €
Estiluz Iris P-2718 floor lamp
Estiluz Iris P-2718 floor lampMSRP 2.106,00 €
from 1.790,00 €
Prepayment from 1.736,30 €
Estiluz t-2121 ceiling lamp
Estiluz t-2121 ceiling lampMSRP 616,00 €
only 524,00 €
Prepayment only 508,28 €
Estiluz Pluma P-2959 floor lamp
Estiluz Pluma P-2959 floor lampMSRP 1.728,00 €
from 1.469,00 €
Prepayment from 1.424,93 €
Estiluz Infiore T-5805 pendant lamp
Estiluz Infiore T-5805 pendant lampMSRP 594,00 €
from 505,00 €
Prepayment from 489,85 €
Estiluz p-1139L LED floor lamp
Estiluz p-1139L LED floor lampMSRP 707,00 €
from 601,00 €
Prepayment from 582,97 €
Estiluz Dona t-2543, t-2544 wall- and ceiling lamp
Estiluz Dona t-2543, t-2544 wall- and ceiling lampMSRP 578,00 €
from 491,00 €
Prepayment from 476,27 €
Estiluz T-1072 pendant lamp
Estiluz T-1072 pendant lampMSRP 445,00 €
from 378,00 €
Prepayment from 366,66 €
Estiluz t-2124L ceiling lamp
Estiluz t-2124L ceiling lampMSRP 650,00 €
from 553,00 €
Prepayment from 536,41 €
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MSRP = Manufacturers suggested retail price


Spanish design lights are traditionally stylish. This is demonstrated by the Catalan light manufacturer Estiluz, which combines light and design not only in its name - Estilo + Luz - but also in its lighting creations. The company based in northern Catalonia has produced and sold high-quality, functional and aesthetical design lights for decades. Popular examples are the charismatic floor lamps in the Estiluz P series. They posses the main features of the Estiluz P collection - minimalist light cups on top of high, slender stems, as well as adjustable arms for reading lamps. The arched Estiluz Iris with its attractive fibreglass shade fills the rooms with light and an artistic presence.


Because Estiluz is always testing and applying new manufacturing methods, the Spanish manufacturer has unusual shapes and ideas in its portfolio. For example, the popular suspension Estiluz Infiore has a refreshingly different design. The sumptuous light with blossoms-like reflectors designed by the yound team lagranja is made of two layers of polycarbonate to produce a bicoloured effect. The Estiluz Infiore floor and table lamps also produce a surprising and uplifting impression. This design light won global attention after it was awarded the Best of Year Awards 2010 by the magazine Interior Design. The organic and floral shape of the ceiling or suspension lamp Estiluz Dona was also inspired by flowers, but has a very simple structure compared to Infiore. It was designed by Leonardo Marelli, the chief designer at Estiluz, and the Estudi Estiluz. Leonardo Marelli works together with other designers and also with mechanics and engineers and develops most of Estluz' creations.


What a good idea! Each child looks with expectation at helium-filled balloons that have reached the ceiling. Why not have a ballon glued to the ceiling that gives off light at the same time? It was the fantastic idea of Francesco Crous and Alessandro Calogero, who form the designer tandem crouscalogero. Estiluz offers other out-of-the-world design ideas with the light-fixture series Karina or the moveable arched-ceiling light Estiluz Pluma. If you are hunting for special designs, it is worth looking through the versatile product range of Estiluz that features cubic, linear, fancy and extraordinary lights; but also first-rate decorative and architectural luminaires.


Estiluz works with an international team and is proud to manufacture products that are all bearing the label 'Made in Europe'. Moreover according to the Spanish manufacturer's philosophy, all the steps taken during the development and the production of its products have to be environmentally-friendly. The packaging, the materials used, the choice of illuminants and the energy-saving production are all aspects that are taken into consideration in terms of ecology and efficiency. The employees are mostly chosen among local people, and the young, innovative design team benefits from the support of experienced engineers. The values of Estiluz are reflected in especially durable products, as well as in the long history of the company.

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